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Coquimbo Mission Trip

Coquimbo, Chile

Coquimbo Waterfront

In June of 1999, Tony and I went to Coquimbo, Chile on a missions trip with Volunteers in Mission. There were 16 people on our team and we had a wonderful time. We stayed with local families and got to enjoy their customs. While in Coquimbo, we helped the locals rebuild their church. Their church was the only Methodist church in the town and the old building had been condemned.

The Cross

We built this cross out of wood from the original church building. Once the church was finished the cross was moved outside to hang on the corner.

Tony, me, Teresa and Paulina

Us with Daniel and Faviola

This is Tony and me with Daniel and Faviola.

The church we worked on

The outside view of the church

Tony and me by the waterfront

Francesca and Camilla

Francesca and Camilla were two of the cutest little girls in the congregation.

Daniel "beats up" Tony

Daniel placed Tony in a playful headlock.

Us with Lino's family

This is the family we stayed with. Teresa and I stayed with Lino and Rosa and Tony stayed with Sonja (their daughter) and her sons. All of them were absolutely wonderful and we had such a wonderful time getting to know them.